Standing Pilates for Seniors Part Two

Rachel Lawrence created this workout based on a request from an older viewer who said ‘could you do something for us older people who are getting a bit stiff and achy’.  So this is a Senior pilates standing workout for the 60+ age group.

Rachel has taught these exercises twice weekly to her Senior clients in London, they are ages 60- 83. She developed some exercises for the general aches & pains in the joints and spine that come with age. As well as some other exercises to help combat loss of strength, coordination and balance that also comes with age, but -and this is important- It doesn’t have to be that way!

Doing these exercises regularly will improve all these things so she recommends that you build up to doing this workout at least twice a week. Take your time and do what you can, if anything is too challenging for you right now, don’t worry, just rest and come back and try again when you’re ready.

Take care of yourselves.  Stay safe, Stay well and have a great day!