The Chocolate Mousse I made for The Queen at Balmoral Castle!

The Queen is at Balmoral Castle. She loves it there! So do her staff. It’s a nerve racking time for her chefs though. Will dinner be in (at the castle) or out (BBQ in the hills on the estate) ? We had to be be prepared for both… at a moments notice!

Here’s the most delicious chocolate mousse I made for The Queen (both at Balmoral and banquets at Buckingham Palace) that you will ever taste. Light, fluffy, not too sweet and easy to make!

I am using Mason Cash mixing bowls in this video. I love them. We used to use them at the Palace all the time and even travel them to Balmoral and Sandringham. They look so pretty on the shelf, but are amazing to use in the kitchen. I feel like Mrs. Patmore on Downton Abbey every time i use them. Check them out here….…

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