French For Beginners – Lesson 3

“How can I learn useful French conversational phrases for dating or to get better speaking French with others?” Looking for the best French learning video? In this episode, you will review greetings and learn survival phrases to help you speak French in a restaurant. This entertaining 10-part series with its unique approach makes it easy to learn French quickly.

Part 3 covers how to order food, the names of several foods, and French words for utensils and other objects found in a restaurant. Whether you are out on a date or simply enjoying a meal, you will learn French phrases you can practice and put to good use when dining.

Review and repetition are easy when you follow the surprising twists and turns in our entertaining stories. Watch each episode as many times as needed and practice along with this 10-video series. Try out your new French phrases with friends. Don’t worry if you are not learning everything at once. Watch again and again and it will get easier. Frequent exposure and practice will lead to success.