Old School Hip Hop, Soul Funk Dance Fitness | 25 Minutes

Old School Hip Hop, Soul & Funk Dance Fitness is all everyone. The music is hip, funky and full of soul. The dances will take you back in the day. Remember the Robot, Funky Grapevine, Kick Ball Change, and more. Take a break out of your day and dance for fun and fitness.

It is recommended that you should exercise at least 20 minutes a day. It also recommended that you do at least 1 day of strength training but 2 days with a 48 hour rest in between would be better. Exercising regularly will help you obtain the status of being fit. What is meant by the state of being fit? The ability to do everyday chores without any struggle. Plus by doing this on a regular basis your mental health will become sharper and you will be able to manage stress and your emotions better. This is the state of wellness of the body soul and mind.