Lilac Road Bridge – High Bridge Over Interstate 15 in San Diego County

The Lilac Road Bridge is probably the most well known bridge in San Diego County that not a lot of people can actually name. Just off Old Highway 395 and towering over Interstate 15 just south of Fallbrook and the 76, the bridge was completed in 1978 and cost 1.5 million dollars to complete. While the bridge could have been completed for much cheaper at the time by just doing it a mile north or south, the then director of Caltrans wanted to do something iconic.

Having driven under the bridge on countless occasions coming into or leaving San Diego County, we finally decided to stop and get a closer look at the bridge, find out about its history, and see what we could see from the top.

The San Diego History Center has a great article on bridges of San Diego County that was instrumental in finding out more on the Lilac Road Bridge as well.